Hey Rod: It has been about 2 months since I ordered Moringa powder and the oil. If you remember, you gave me the seeds and the seed [...]

Wayne Kuhn

Hi Rod, I really enjoyed talking with you this morning and greatly appreciate your donation of Moringa Seeds for Father Bernie’s [...]

Dave and Shauna Goode

Greetings to All! We are excited to write with incredible news of how God is working with regards to the agriculture project in [...]

A Christian Missionary

I’d like to give more detail regarding the Moringa Tree results that occurred in Benin, West Africa. I brought 4 lbs of moringa powder [...]

Kimberley Pearson – Two

Hi, my name is Kimberly Pearson and I spoke with you today about Moringa and how much it has helped me and changed my life. I have had [...]

Kimberley Pearson

Hi Rodney, My trip to Burma(Myanmar) was awesome and I took 4 lbs of moringa to them and they felt the results with the very first [...]