Cooking with Dried Moringa Leaves

The dry moringa leaf is an excellent substitute for the fresh. It can be used in just about any way that fresh can be used. Add it to salads, soups, or your favorite chicken, fish or shrimp [...]

Moringa Farms Super Tea

The Tradition of Aryuveda Simmer or boil, steep, strain and – Drink.   Moringa Farms Super Teas are made from high quality moringa leaves with other natural and organic herbs. We practice [...]

Chia Seed Drinkable Recipies

Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) are extremely high in Omega 3 and are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Chia seeds can be eaten raw as a dietary fiber and omega 3 supplement. The [...]

How to Make: Moringa Leaf Sauce

This recipe comes courtesy of Lowell Fuglie, the director of operations for the Church World Service’s hunger relief organization in Senegal, Africa. Mr. Fuglie is a world authority on the [...]

How to Make: Moringa Deodorant

Moringa Seed Deodorant Mix equal portions of moringa seed oil and moringa seed powder in a mortar and pestle. Work into a smooth paste and apply small amount to underarms. You can add some of [...]

Three Delicious Moringa Drink Recipes

Moringa Cold Fusion Tea This is the basic cold tea recipe. Consume the sediment, this is the good stuff. Fill a non reactive 2 qt container, glass or stainless, with water, add 2 Tbsp. Moringa [...]

Moringa Cooking Basics: What to Eat

Did you know that half of our youngsters are iron and calcium deficient? Moringa should become as much a part their diet as yours. You can make tasty drinks and smoothies to give them the [...]

How to Make: Fresh Moringa Leaf, Beans and Meat

This recipe comes courtesy of Jennifer Concepcion of the Philippines. Use this as a tasty side dish with any compatible entrée. With seafood entrees, use shrimp, with meat entrees use pork, beef [...]

How to Make: Moringa Soufflé

This is an excellent side dish for most any entrée. It’s quick and easy 16 oz of frozen or fresh Moringa (called malunggay or malamgal, in the Asian markets) 1 cup of Sour Cream 1 Package of [...]