Hey Rod: It has been about 2 months since I ordered Moringa powder and the oil. If you remember, you gave me the seeds and the seed powder (vegibiotic you call it) free!! Thank you.!!! Plus, I [...]

Wayne Kuhn

Hi Rod, I really enjoyed talking with you this morning and greatly appreciate your donation of Moringa Seeds for Father Bernie’s humanitarian work in Gustemala. Thank you especially for sending [...]

Dave and Shauna Goode

Greetings to All! We are excited to write with incredible news of how God is working with regards to the agriculture project in Jamaica. Since our first meetings with prospective farmers, [...]

A Christian Missionary

I’d like to give more detail regarding the Moringa Tree results that occurred in Benin, West Africa. I brought 4 lbs of moringa powder which I obtained from Rodney at Moringa Farms in California. [...]

Kimberley Pearson – Two

Hi, my name is Kimberly Pearson and I spoke with you today about Moringa and how much it has helped me and changed my life. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-diagnosed with the Epstein Virus [...]

Kimberley Pearson

Hi Rodney, My trip to Burma(Myanmar) was awesome and I took 4 lbs of moringa to them and they felt the results with the very first tablespoon of powder. We planted seeds- thank you very much for [...]


Hello Rodney, I just wanted to say I received your Moringa seeds and powder three days ago, immediately began the germination process with 50 seeds (10 zip lock bags of 5 each) drained the water [...]

Claudia B

Hi Rod, Thanks for sending the moringa, it is the one thing that helps me retain my balance. Since I have been taking it, I do not need my cane. Best Regards AliceMoringa was my two year Peace [...]

Patrick L

I’m sleeping good, have no arthritic pain and have better energy, this after only a couple of months.


When she came to see Dr Piem Choke Chalidapongse of Ramathibody Hospital, it’s already beyond hope. Doctor already denied treatment because her viral are extremely high and her CD4 are extremely [...]

Rose M

Dear Rodney, I have been giving the powdered Moringa to my 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer Muffin. She was in reasonable good health, but slowing down quite a bit. After being on the Moringa [...]

Mark D

Yes, Rodney! Thank you so much. I have grown to depend on Moringa. I was not feeling well lately and when I worked out it took me 2-3 days to recover. Turns out I was missing something in my diet [...]

Joyce AM

It’s been 2 weeks since I started taking MORINGA OLEIFERA and I am beginning to feel brand new, I’ve never taken a health supplement like this before. ….I am barely hungry at all [...]

Rachael Paulson

Dear Rodney, I just wanted you to know how your seeds are taking root in Kenya and we are starting a true educational program there. We also are going to work with a team from the University of [...]