Conventionally Grown Moringa Leaf Powder

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Moringa Powder is our main product. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acid. It makes a pleasant cold or hot tea with just a ½ tsp per cup. It keeps well without refrigeration. A pound should last you 4-6 weeks with regular use. You can also add to smoothies and blended drinks for extra nutrition. Some even put in salads, soups and stews. Check out our recipe tab.



Our moringa is grown in the southern part of India in the Tamil Nadu region. India is where Moringa oleifera evolved  at the base of the Himalayas. It then spread through out India and enjoys ideal growing conditions in the Tamil Nadu region where the combination of rich mineral soil, temperature, sunlight and water make for ideal growing conditions. Some of our product is wild crafted. Farmers will get a permit  from the Government to harvest wild moringa. We also deal directly with commercial farmers.  Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used. Moringa is naturally pest resistant anyway and there is an abundance of cow manure to make compost should it be required.

Our moringa is shade dried indoors at room temperature for optimal nutritional content. Sun dried moringa can turn brown and lose nutrients.

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